Sunday, February 8, 2009


Last night, one of the staff doctors from the Family Medicine Residency and his wife hosted a BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug) Soup party at their house. It was an "Over the Hump" party for all the doctors and their spouses. The significance of it was that the intern class is now halfway through intern year, the second years are half way through residency, and the third years are approaching graduation - it was a great night!

One of the best parts was that it was a "kid free" night (infants were allowed), so that we could actually have adult conversations without chasing a million kids around! Moriah was the only baby and was a Huge hit... neither Philip or I got to hold her much all evening. =)

All dressed up in a new outfit for the evening

It was pretty funny... during the prayer before we ate, Moriah woke up and started crying. After the prayer, Joy immediately showed up and said, "Are you hungry? I can hold Moriah while you eat if you want!" =) I gladly accepted the offer. Seconds later, Tracy came over and said, "Shoot, you already got to her!" A minute or two later, Dr. N (Tracy's husband) showed up and said, "Man, I was just on my way to get her, I just washed my hands!" LOL! Joy relinquished Moriah to him, since he had never held her before.

Dr. N and Moriah (he has four(?) boys, so was thrilled to get to hold a baby girl for a change!)

Philip and I with our mugs (Michigan and Kenya)

Dr. S somehow pried her away from Dr. N! =)

Since I come from a family of "baby loving men", it was really special to see grown men fighting over our baby girl! =)

Philip and Dr. P (the party was at his house) and their rival mugs

Joy holding Moriah Joy

Some of the party goers

Since it was a soup party, they had crockpots with chicken noodle soup, tortilla soup, waterfall soup, and butternut squash soup and a big pot of chili set out, so we could go around and try all of them over the course of the night if we wanted to! It was all sooo good!

Dr. G (who delivered Moriah)

Philip got up with Keenan this morning and let Moriah and I sleep in. A couple hours later, they came in the room with breakfast for me! Philip made me an omelet, toast and fruit! He said, "When I realized we were out of milk, I figured I was going to have to figure out something to eat besides cereal, and then when I decided on an omelet, I thought 'why not make Joia one too?" I said, "I like the way you think!" =) What great boys I have...

It is a beautiful 70 degrees out today, so we're going to get out in the sunshine for some fun and exercise for a change!

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Mom and Isaac said...

Love the mugs, and our little Moriah is so cute & she is so 'chunky' now too (that's an Isaac quote). ;-)
He also loved the way Moriah's cheek was pushed up on Dr. G's shoulder.
Love, Mom