Monday, February 23, 2009

Breath of fresh air...

Today was a sweet break for me, in the middle of a week of "single mom-ing it". Jodi came over and watched both kids from 11:00 to 4:00 for me!

My friend, Becky and I went to a park in FWB and walked several miles on a nice walking path that they have there, and then headed to TGI Friday's for lunch. I had SUCH a great time, getting some exercise, talking to an Adult for several hours, and also got to know Becky a lot better. She is such an amazing woman, a great friend, inspiration, and a ton of fun! We are definitely going to get together more often!

Becky and I
(A fabulous picture of her, a little "pot belly-ish of me) =)

After lunch, I stopped in at the Commissary to pick up a few things (it was sooo nice to be able to park, run in, zip around, and be done in a matter of minutes!) Then I went back to the house for a bit, to see how Jodi was doing, see the kids, and feed Moriah. Then I was off again to have my hair cut. It was nice to be able to go somewhere by myself and just sit and read a magazine while I waited, not in charge of anyone but myself. I also Love having someone else wash and dry my hair, so that was a little treat to myself as well. =)

Keenan and Jodi trying to remove some body parts on Philip's little Operation pen

Keenan snuggling with Jodi (he had Such a great time with her and didn't want her to leave, even though she stayed two extra hours and visited after I got home!)

Philip said their first day "out in the woods" was a pretty good one. He said they did an obstacle course, carrying a 170 pound dummy on a stretcher. That sounded pretty intense... he figures he'll be sore tomorrow. He promised that he's taken lots of pictures, so I'll be sure to share those when he gets back!


Anonymous said...

You guys are SO lucky to have Jodi!!! All the kids love her and she is always available to help out anyone in need. What an awesome friend to have!! You rock, Jodi!!

Jessica said...

Jodi is a hero for sure!! I was actually thinking that you were looking SUPER skinny in that picture at the restaurant. Pot belly..whatever!
Love you,