Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The answer is...


First off, I have a confession to make... when I saw Philip's box of Nerds sitting by the computer, and I noticed the phrase, "Rainbow of Flavors", I immediately thought, "Hmm... that'd make a great trivia question, because I bet a LOT of people (myself included) would think that it was Skittles, because it sounds so similar to "Taste the Rainbow". So.... yes, my motivation in posting this challenge was really to see how many people I could "catch!" (Philip thinks I'm evil..)

Also, after I posted it, I realized that "Rainbow of Flavors" isn't Nerds general slogan, it's Just on the Rainbow flavor Nerds box:

Anyway, thank you all for being good sports and playing - I'm sorry to be so sneaky! Mandy, I applaud you for "going against the flow" and posting a different answer than everyone else, and for also remembering the Skittles line correctly. Debbie, I'm sorry... you were So sure of yourself, I felt bad to burst your bubble... =)


Debbie said...

That's okay---I was totally caught by the whole taste the rainbow/rainbow of flavors thing!! LOL :)

Mom E said...

Hey, is that a new photo of the 2 of you on the sidebar part of the blog (with the red background)? Or has it been there for like, forever, and I'm just totally unobservant?!! LOL.

I should've "played" the game, because I guessed Nerds when I was reading it, but since I didn't see the blog till just now, I figured no one would believe me if I posted it on yesterday's blog! ;-)


Joia said...

Yup, new photo =)