Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wifia 2009

I hosted my first wifia lunch of 2009 today. It's crazy to look at our group now and how it has changed since we first started getting together! When we first met, there were only four kids between the six of us. Jonathan and William were little dudes, just toddling around, and Keenan and Della were just a few months old.
Now... fast forward a year and a half. Della is quite the little lady, Jonathan, William and Keenan are all close in size and are quite the rambunctious little boy gang. Wendi now has Isaac, who is 8 months old, Chloe and Moriah have recently come on the scene, and little Elijah is due any day! We now have Seven kids in the group! That makes for a completely different dynamic when we're all together! It can get pretty crazy sometimes! =)
At one point today the three bigger boys were playing in the kitchen, and then suddenly it got very quiet and none of them were in the kitchen. Tiff took off down the hall, and I headed towards our bedroom... where I found three little boys playing with trucks on our bed! =)

We got the picture below to add to the collection of the three of us being pregnant, then two, then one... (I'll post all of them once Elijah is out where we can see him!)

Two moms relieved that their babies are here, and a (increasingly impatient) Wendi, ready to pop Elijah out any minute!

Keenan and I this afternoon with some of our block creations... a castle of sorts and a "train station" for Thomas

My sweet family snuggling this evening =)

These pictures are a couple that a friend forwarded to me of a huge Stingray migration in the Gulf of Mexico!

Pretty Amazing!!


Mom E said...

Man, I'd hate to be in the water when those dudes came swimming by! yikes!

Tan said...

Great pictures of the stingrays. I've been scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef many times and every time stingrays come by it is the most magical thing in the world. They're just so placid and mystical and calming (though I'm not about to grab them and go for a ride with them.

Tanya said...

Crap - hit enter before I had finished the whole ID thing. Sorry...