Saturday, January 24, 2009

Uncle Andrew

Sorry about the "silent blog" yesterday... for the most part it was a really great day, it just got fairly busy, and then late in the evening, we finished watching Kung Fu Panda, Philip ended up sick and puking, Moriah was fussy and wouldn't nurse, and once I was halfway through my blog post, I realized I was accidentally posting in one of my other blogs! By the time I closed that one and logged into the correct one, it was already after 11, so I just decided to go to bed instead...

Andrew got into town at 11:30 yesterday morning.... and he leave tomorrow at 11:52! =0/ We need to make the most of the time we have! He's enjoying this 72 degree weather (a nice change from the polar north) and we hope to get out in it and do some fun stuff today.

Moriah intently watching her big brother color

Trying out her new pink bathrobe after her bath

Though Keenan immediately snagged him to come build with blocks, Uncle Andrew didn't waste any time geting his hands on this little one... =)

Making Andrew color with him

I took some flowers over to Myrtle yesterday and was astounded to see that, despite her sadness, how Joyful she was! God is so good...
On Thursday morning (just after hearing about Frank's death), Keenan and I were driving to MOPS, and when I turned on the radio, the first words in the song I heard were, ".... Hope changes everything..." Isn't that so true? It is such a blessing that we don't have to say goodbye forever to those who know the Lord. That is definitely where Myrtle's joy is coming from now. Thank you all for praying...
The funeral is on Monday and hopefully Philip will be able to go with me.

Keenan recently decided he Loves peanut butter and jelly!


Here's a recent video of Moriah... already having "Tummy Time"! =)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe she can hold her head up that well already!!! She's so cute!
Enjoy your time with Andrew. Tell him to bring some warm weather back here with him, please!!!

Mom W. said...

The date on your blog entry is Thursday, isn't it supposed to be Saturday? Just wondered. The video of Moriah is GREAT! Love it, Jealous of Andrew though.... = )

Joia said...

Thanks Mom,I fixed it!

Jessica said...

She is cute beyond words. Oh my goodness. Praying that Phil is feeling better!

Mom E said...

Moriah is SO cute! I can't believe she can hold her head up so well and for so long. Thanks for the video! So sad to hear about Philip. Hope it's over by now.