Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sprinkle... Whatever!!

Tonight, my MOPS group had a Mom's Night Out at T.G.I. Fridays. It was a wonderful evening with seven really fun friends. It was also a "Sprinkle" for Moriah and I! A Sprinkle is for someone who had a second baby and is supposed to be a "lighter version" of a baby Shower. I wouldn't say this was the case though, I think it was more like a full blown "rain storm"!
(Thanks Jen for some of the pictures!)

This is what I wore tonight... when I asked Philip what he thought, he said, "Um... it's a little funky..." LOL

Moriah and I

Robin and Andrea
(The organizers of the whole Awesome evening!)

Moriah, Andrea, Robin (Anna), Amanda, Jen, Melissa, Vanessa and I

The pretty gifts

The adorable (and yummy) cake

Vanessa, the "Diaper Cake" creator

Andrea with the super fun "Mama Memory Game"

This is me saying, "I Promise, I didn't cheat!!" after guessing two correct cards on the first turn!

Little lady of the hour... sleeping through the party

Opening gifts - yay!
(Keenan also got several gifts, which is so awesome, he'll be soo excited!)

Amanda loving on her

Moriah (the best gift of all) at home with all her beautiful new things!
(We are sooo blessed!)

Her adorable Pooh hat

In other news... Philip and I have recently taken on some new responsibilities in each of our lives.
Today, Philip was elected as one of the Chief Residents for next year! Although it will mean more responsibility = more time at work, I know he will do a fabulous job of it and I am so proud of him! (I played Hail to the Chief when he came home today!) =)
My news isn't nearly so big... I recently decided to join the leadership team of my MOPS group. I'm a little nervous, but I know it will be a ton of fun!


Jessica said...

Wow, you guys are such leaders! :) Congratulations Phil, that is awesome. You too, Joia! What position on the MOPS steering team? I have been co-treasurer for the past four years at our MOPS and I think I might be just about finished with that. :) Moriah is getting so big and even more adorable if that is possible. Love you, Jessica P.S. What presents did Keenan get at the shower?

Mom W. said...

Rain storm indeed, at least you aren't getting the snow storm we are getting here today. Lots of it coming down. Congratulations Philip and go for it Joia, you will do well... Moriah is so cute and I like your "funky" outfit.

love, Mom

Joia said...

Jessica, I'm now the Discussion Group Coordinator for MOPS.

Keenan got a puzzle (that he hasn't opened yet), and a stuffed Goofy that he Loves!

Thanks, Mom! =)

Jen said...

We had such a great time last night and I'm so happy that you've joined us on steering. Congrats to Philip too!
:) Jen