Monday, January 5, 2009

So sleepy...

Today... the fact that I had a baby two and a half weeks ago has finally caught up with me. I'm exhausted!!

It's great having my mom here, (although she's unfortunately picked up a nasty cold in the past couple of days) and Keenan is loving all the time he gets to play with "Brama". =) He had her sitting on the floor, "cooking" with him in his kitchen today. They then spent some time cooking in the Real kitchen together. My mom said, "I'm not used to cooking with a 21 month old, so it probably took me longer than it normally would have. "

I was able to get a fairly good nap this afternoon, and Philip was home pretty early too, so he was able to entertain Keenan a lot this afternoon for me. We also had another delicious dinner provided for us tonight, by Vanessa, one of the coordinators of my MOPS group - we are so blessed!

Philip discovered that we could get some great online deals on diapers, so we bought a bunch from Amazon as well as and they all arrived today!

That's 918 diapers!!

I think Moriah is starting to Noticeably put on some weight now, her cheeks are looking a little chubbier and I think her legs are starting to get a little rounder too...

Snoozing on the couch


Jessica said...

Those diapers are awesome, but unfortunately they will vanish before your very eyes!!! :) I am sorry you are so tired, will be praying for super energy and endurance. They grow soooo fast. She will be sleeping through the night before you know it. You are a great mommy.

denise said...

Diaper deliver to your door, that is the BEST! I used to use them :) Isn't it amazing how fast they can go through them?

Rest up when you can, the dishes and laundry will get done while you sleep - don't feel bad, that is why your mom is there!!! Love ya.