Saturday, January 3, 2009

Short, but very special visit!

Our visitors from Michigan, Grandma Dooley, Aunt Mary, Taylor and Bridget are on their way home today. They will have spent 34 hours on the road for a 32 hour visit! Now doesn't That make us feel special! =)

Grandma Dooley meeting her first Great Granddaughter

Aunt Mary

She's just a tiny, one arm package for Grandpa Dan!

Since we aren't sure when we'll see Dan again, we wanted to make sure to get some pictures of him with his four grandchildren before he left! It wasn't an easy task getting the boys to all sit still and (sort of) look at a camera!

Then we added Grandma and Philip and Jessica!

Dad, Matt, Jessica and the boys headed out shortly after noon yesterday, and we spent the rest of the day visiting with our newest visitors. They hung out with Philip and my mom while Keenan, Moriah and I had a nap, then headed out to do a bit of shopping. In the afternoon, my mom and I headed back to our house with the kids while Philip gave them a tour of the hospital and some of the base. They then came over to see our house, and we had some delicious Jim'n'Nicks BBQ for dinner, courtesy of Aunt Mary!

Bridget and Moriah

Me modeling the bow off of one of Moriah's gifts

Back at home... Keenan wearing my mom's shoes while he plays!

Taylor finally getting a turn with Moriah

Keenan wearing Taylor's sunglasses =)

Today we're (hopefully) just hanging around home, getting things back in order, and preparing for more visitors this evening! =0) Philip's mom, Jeff and Isaac are on their way home from Ohio and are stopping in on their way home. They'll stay on base tonight and head home sometime tomorrow.


Jessica said...

We had such a great time with you guys! WE miss you!! Thanks for spending so much time with us although I know it was totally draining. Now, after M, J and I leave you can hopefully get your much needed/deserved rest. Love you all!!!! Aunt Jessica

auntmary said...

WOW! That really cute dress from your cuz won't fit much longer! You do a wonderful job with all the pix. The generational ones are absolutely adorable & such keepsakes. Definitely an 11X17 for you from SF and wallet size treasures for G'pa Dan to take back to the mission field,eh? Luv 'n hugs to everyone.