Thursday, January 8, 2009

Road trip and first MOPS of 2009

So... yes, my mom and I drove 225 miles (one way) for lunch yesterday!! We met my mom's brother, Tom, his wife, Kathy, and their daughter Rebecca at Denny's in Madison. They live seven hours away, and since we don't see them much, we decided that since my mom was a LOT closer than Canada, we should meet up!
Keenan and Moriah did Really well on the drive, and we had a wonderful visit and lots of laughs for several hours before heading home.
Thankfully, Amanda, from my MOPS group had brought dinner for us last night, so we didn't have to worry about cooking anything when we got home at 8:30 last night, tired and hungry!

Snoozing while we ate lunch

Uncle Tome, Aunt Kathy, Rebecca, my mom, me, Keenan

Rebecca and Moriah

A very sleepy Keenan entertaining himself by sitting at the counter, watching the cooks

My snuggly girl =)

This morning my mom watched Keenan while Moriah and I went to MOPS. It was Moriah's first ever MOPS! She got a warm welcome and a nice gift from our MOPS group. =)

The shirt says it all...

Look, she's smiling for the picture! =)

Moriah and her buddy, Chloe (five weeks older)

When I got home this afternoon, it was so nice out that my mom and I and the kids went for a walk.

Keenan and "Brama"

Moriah trying out our new carrier for the first time

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The "Other" Mom :-) said...

Oh my, Moriah's getting so big already! Isn't it nice to have someone to wear pink with?! lol. I can just see Keenan being entertained by the cooks too! So glad you have your mom there with you. Give her (and everyone else too) a hug from me. I wished we could've spent more than a few hours there. Miss all of you *so* much.
Love, Mom