Friday, January 16, 2009


Today sort of felt like my "first day on my own" since Moriah's birth, even though I spent four days on my own with the two kids right after she was born, before Philip's time off at Christmas and the influx of family.

Philip went back to work this morning, which meant I was the one "on duty" when Keenan got up at 6:30, after another not so great night with Moriah. She seems to have a bit of a cold, and was having a hard time breathing through her nose and couldn't really sleep well in any position. Anyway... all this to say, I was one tired Momma when I got up this morning! Fortunately, Keenan was gracious enough to let me lay on the couch for a bit while he played, before he wanted breakfast. He took a nap around 10, and I was able to get about half an hour of sleep then, with Moriah propped up beside me, and then another half hour or so during his afternoon nap.

Fortunately Philip had just bought me some chocolate last night, because I sure needed it today! =) Now he's home for three days, since Monday is a holiday!!

He's on an elective dental rotation right now and today, on his first day, he extracted two teeth! He was explaining it... the numbing, the cutting, the drilling away bone, and it all sounded pretty gruesome! =0/ (Fortunately the patient was completely out for the whole thing).

A HUGE thank you to all of you who brought food to us over the past few weeks!!! The meals were all Fantastic, and such a help during an often hectic and exhausting time. =) We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives, you have all blessed us in so many ways.


rachel said...

an elective dental rotation? that's a cool idea! goodness knows that if he ever works in an ER, he'll certainly see dental pain.

Mom W. said...

Sorry, Moriah probably got Grandma's cold... =( Not so nice.