Sunday, January 4, 2009

On our own.. sort of

We are once again on our own.. except for my mom, of course. =)

We had brunch at Big City Bistro this morning with Mom, Jeff and Isaac, and then hung out at the Landing park for a while before they had to head south again. Their visit was also super short, but we were extremely thankful that they came out of their way to see us before heading home, and that Moriah could meet them while she's still so young! =)

Miah all ready to go to a restaurant for her First time
Not her best expression, but her outfit's cute!

Keenan crossing the street with two of his favorite people

All of us enjoying a delicious brunch!

I call this one "Two brothers and a butt"

It was a Gorgeous, warm, sunny afternoon, so we headed over to the park to walk around and burn off a few of the calories that we'd just consumed!

I know, I know, Philip's eyes are closed, but he had a goofy look on in the other one and Keenan was crying...

My mom and I

My other mom and I


The Woodford's said...

I Love the pic's, Joia! I might steal the one of you and your Mom
(1) =) - it's so nice! Love you all!

Mom E said...

Yay! I finally go to go to the Big City Bistro and to the park. I love the 2 brothers and a butt picture too! lol. It was a short visit but so much fun! And I love the "other mom" photo too. Hope your mom is feeling better.