Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mostly pictures...

I don't have too much to say about the day... all four of us were actually napping at one time (for at least a while) at one point... that has never happened before!

Most of these pictures are from yesterday:

We decided to get some pictures of all of us in Michigan gear - Go Blue!!
Our little wolverine

Moriah wasn't looking but this was the best one of the bunch

The boys being goofy...

This one shows that Philip was covered head to foot in Michigan stuff! =)

Moriah's adorable "Michigan Cutie" dress (thanks, Carrie!)

I do what I can to humor my daddy..

We're glad we don't have to heft This load around in the car seat anymore! =)

Riah pulled her paci out accidentally and then kept holding onto it, while trying to figure out where it was and how she could get it back!

Even though it's the newborn size, it's still pretty big for her!

Here she is today all dressed up (for no reason in particular) in an Adorable skirt from her Aunty Bekah and Uncle Mark!

I like the shirt too... =)

Funny thing... while I was cooking dinner tonight (okay, I'm using the words "cooking" and "dinner" very loosely here, I was frying onions for our hotdogs)...while I was preparing our food (well, I just said we were having hot dogs, so I guess I'm using the word "food" pretty loosely too!) Anyway... tonight while I was in the kitchen making something for us to eat, our smoke alarms went off three times! LOL! Now you know why I mainly stick to making desserts! =)


Mom W. said...

Oh my, such cute pictures and Wow, Moriah has even changed since I was there... Don't you wish that you could stop the clock sometimes. It goes so fast, remember that on your bone tired days...

Anonymous said...

hey just wanted to say that the michigan outfits look great! I love the dress... you guys all look so great! hope to see you when you guys come back to canada!

The "Other" Mom :-) said...

Glad to see Philip is enjoying his early b'day present. :-) Pics of everyone are great and Moriah has Really changed since we saw her last! Sooo cute. Love, Mom