Saturday, January 3, 2009

More family =)

Mom, Jeff and Isaac got into town this evening. They were happy to finally meet Moriah, and we were happy to have them come! We spent the evening here at the house, had dinner (provided by Tiffany - thank you soo much!), and played some Phase 10. Philip just left with them to get them settled into their lodging on base. We'll see them again in the morning.

Keenan (doesn't he look huge here?) with Isaac, Mom and Jeff

Uncle Isaac holding his first niece

In one of the outfits from Wendi
(Yay for Wendi, being "brave" and buying girl stuff before we knew for sure!) =)

Philip and I with our little sleeping beauty

Tiffany holding Moriah for the first time

Grandma and Grandpa chatting with Moriah while she was awake

An ADORABLE Precious Moments "tea set" that our friend, Gretta, sent us from Michigan!!

Miah curled up comfortably on Grandpa Jeff's shoulder

Playing Phase Ten

So relaxed...


Mom E said...

Yes, thanks Tiffany for the food. The soup and salad were sooo good!

I loved the picture of Isaac holding Moriah. He had such a cute expression. We really had fun playing Phase 10 and were So surprised by the welcome gift you left for us in our room!

It was so great to meet Moriah (finally!) and to see your mom again. Did you take a "Grandma(s) or was that with my camera?

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the mini tea set. The picture looks cute, but it looks like maybe apiece is missing!!! The spoon should fit in the sugar bowl and there should be two "cups"...the ducky is one I know. Maybe it is just the set up.

I miss you guys so much. I can't wait until I can see Moriah. I do not know when that would be, but you never know. ( I never thought I would go on a cruise yet I will leave Tampa on 2/15/09 for my first. If I can make it for a cruise I can hopefully get to see you too.

Everyone give everyone else a hug for me.

It was great to see pictures of Kathleen and Jeff and Isaac with all of you. I cried so hard when they left and this time it was Isaac leaving that sparked the first tears, not your mom's leaving. I sure have grown to love him like he is my own flesh and blood...the way I love you Phil.

God Bless you, Gretta