Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meeting Elijah and other stuff...

Most exciting things first... Here are my very first pictures of Elijah Luke! I was Thrilled to get to see Wendi tonight and meet him!!

Wendi, my new hero, after the incredibly long and challenging ordeal that got her to this moment

What a sweetie pie!

This was as close as I dared get to him since Keenan and Moriah aren't feeling that great

Okay, on to my own family... =)

Like I said, Keenan and Moriah both have a bit of a cough/cold combination. It's especially sad to see Moriah sick when she's still so young... =0/ Hopefully they both get over this soon, as it doesn't make for great sleeping for either one.

Keenan shared one of his play ice cream cones with her =)

Story time with big brother in the rocking chair

Daddy having a sweet moment with his baby girl

How precious is that??

I Love this look! LOL!

Here's a video of her in the basket yesterday...

This afternoon we went to a surprise birthday party for Sean, one of the other interns in Philip's class. It was a really fun party, with great people, good food, and lots of new kids and toys for Keenan to play with. =)

Keenan has started saying some Really funny things lately, here's a few of them:

The other day I was changing a dirty diaper and he said, "Owie", I said, "Is your bum sore?" and he said, "Kiss!"

When I put him in his crib for time out yesterday he said, "Oh, Maaan..."

When he wants to hold Moriah, he reaches for her and says, "Hold it!"

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Jessica said...

He is precious! I am so thrilled for them. :) Praying for Keenan and Moriah to feel better! Love, Jessica