Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm getting there...

Today was probably one of the most restful ones I've had since leaving the hospital. There was nowhere I needed to be, and nothing that had to be done. Other than a quick trip to Beall's this afternoon, I spent the whole day at home for the first time in a while! I got some nap time in this morning while my mom watched Keenan for a while.

My mom's cold is slowly going away and she's finally starting to feel better, so that's good news, since she'll be able to spend more time with Moriah now before she heads home next week.

Modeling the cute bib she got from her Great Grandma Dooley =)
(We're really starting to notice changes in her looks and weight now!)

Keenan snuggled up in Grandma's bed


Flakymn said...

Glad you got some rest!!! :)

Jessica said...

She is really filling out and growing into her own look. She is so adorable! Love, Jessica

Mom E said...

I agree with Jessica...Moriah is really starting to change & she's adorable. I am So thankful she waited to change until after we got to see her. :-)