Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I'm sorry Philip promised a picture extravaganza today... I actually hadn't taken very many pictures at all during the time we were in Destin. Here's two from New Year's Eve:

Little Princess

Sleep deprivation was definitely taking it's toll by this point, and some of us (mostly me, then Jessica) were getting a little crazy by this point! =)

We've had a Great visit with Philip's dad, Matt, Jessica, Reagan and Hudson! We stayed overnight on New Year's Eve with them at their beach rental in Destin. We put all the boys to bed, and then stayed up (even me, I was surprised!) to watch the New Year come in. There were fireworks every fifteen minutes that we could watch right off the balcony! We only watched them at 8 and 12, though.

Philip, my mom, and Jessica played a bunch of Mexican Train dominos and we had lots of laughs, some good snacks, and all wore fun party hats (or tiaras for the girls) to welcome 2009 in =)

It was a Very short night for Philip and I since we went to bed around 1:00, and Moriah didn't really sleep well until after 4:00. Yesterday afternoon, Philip, his dad, Matt, Jessica, Reagan, Hudson and Keenan all went and played disc golf in Fort Walton Beach while my mom, Moriah and I headed out to do some baby girl shopping... Waaay fun! =)

Last night we came home, had a delicious dinner (provided by Andrea!) and then I headed to bed shortly after 7. I hadn't realized How tired I was until I came in and sat down to feed the baby and I almost didn't have the energy to get back up and go to bed! I feel Much better this morning.

Philip is headed in to work to take care of some stuff (hopefully not for too long), and then we'll likely head back to Destin to Matt and Jessica's to visit with the new arrivals, Grandma Dooley, Aunt Mary, Taylor and Bridget, who made the 16 hour drive yesterday to come see us all!

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Flakymn said...

Philip got my hopes up about an "extravaganza" ... :( But knowing Joia, you'll catch up with more photos.

Get some rest Joia! I can't believe you stayed up until midnight. JB and I barely made it until 9:30!