Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun times

Today was a fun day. Philip still wasn't feeling 100% great, but much better than last night. Not sure exactly what he had going on, just glad none of the rest of us got it!

This afternoon we went to Chick-Fil-A, and then went disc golfing. There was a tournament going on today, so it was really crowded (and pretty slow moving), so we only ended up playing about 8 holes before we decided to stop.

Keenan is Loving having Uncle Andrew here! =)

Watching Andrew work on his laptop

Moriah's new hat from Sarah!

All bundled up on Daddy for disc golf

Keenan in action with his new mini disc (that he already lost)

His silly "Cheese!" face

Some of the sticks he collected

Andrew retrieving Keenan's disc from a huge hole

Us on the bridge

Keenan and Uncle Andrew playing more blocks this evening

Keenan peeking through his book while they were reading after supper

Andrew and Moriah (they've spent a lot of time like this)


Mark said...

She is so cute. Please come up sooner so that we can hold her before she gets all grown up.

Joia said...

Mark! So it takes a cute baby to get you to leave comments, huh? =0)
Man, if it was in my power, I would LOVE to get there sooner so you could hold her, it kills me that you guys don't get to see her and snuggle her while she's tiny... =0/

Mom W. said...

And she isn't staying tiny for long... so sweet. Andrew is safely home... back to -15 C. Brrrr