Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fun day together

Last night wasn't Moriah's best work... it was the first time in a while that I thought, "I'm going to go out of my mind if I don't get some sleep soon..." For whatever reason, she just wouldn't settle, in her cradle, on my chest, or in the bouncy seat. Needless to say, I was exhausted when morning came, but thankfully Philip is still home and was able to watch both kids for me so I could go back to bed for a couple of hours. That made all the difference in my day. I also got a nap later on! =)

This afternoon, we went disc golfing again. Keenan is already a huge fan, and needed to have his "own" discs to carry along and throw...

Disc golfer in training

The course in Fort Walton Beach is not only a great course, it's pretty flat (and easy to push a stroller on), and it's also really pretty! This picture was taken at one of my favorite spots along the way...

At one point, Philip and Keenan decided to take a "short cut" across a creek by walking on a pipe instead of going around to the bridge. Moriah and I took the long way, so I decided to run and catch up with them before they got across the pipe so I could take a picture.

Pretty fun shot

Running proved to be a bad idea though, as I was left with some pretty nasty pain in my lower abdomen... I guess everything isn't back to normal in there yet. =0/

Moriah and I waiting on Keenan at the park
Hopefully pushing this around will help me lose those extra pounds! =)

After disc golf, we did some shopping, stopped at Sonic for some super delicious liquid refreshment and then popped in to the hospital to weigh Moriah. I was guessing that she was about 8 pounds right now, but it turns out she's 9 pounds, 4 ounces!! She wasn't a big fan of being stripped naked to get weighed because as soon as I picked her up, she peed on me, totally soaking the front of my shirt and making a huge puddle on the floor! (We weighed her right after, and saw that she had lost a whole ounce!) =)

Our precious Tiny, not so "tiny" anymore! =)

Before going home, we stopped at the BX, and Philip and Keenan went in (since I wasn't going Anywhere in my "peed on shirt" and Moriah needed to be fed anyway). When they came out, Philip said, "Well, I now have pee on my sleeves, if that makes you feel any better!" Apparently Keenan's diaper was quite saturated and had leaked on him! =)


Mom W. said...

Wow, lots of fun, 9 lbs 4 ozs!!!!!I guess I was off on my guess! That is what Rob weighed at birth.
By one month she has gained almost 3 lbs. oh my... Well, she is healthy... miss you all.

Mom E said...

Joia, lol, let go of the extra lbs issue! You look fabulous and not "just for having a baby" either! really. You look *great*!

LOVED the back view of Philip & Keenan walking thru the trees. And *wow*, 9lbs 4oz already. It must be that good Canadian milk. lol.

Love you all.