Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dress up

Andrew went home this morning... =0/ We had a great time with him though, and are soo glad he took the weekend to come see us!

When we got back from dropping Andrew at the airport, Moriah was fast asleep... under her hat

Keenan insisted that we try these shoes on her! =)

We have been blessed with some really cute stuff for Moriah, and I just have to keep trying stuff on her.... and poor Keenan has been the model for some of the stuff that's too big for Moriah yet! =)

This hat goes with a Newborn outfit she just got! It likely won't fit her until the summer of 2010!

Philip actually put these hair bows/ribbons in Keenan's hair without me even knowing! =)

I just Had to try this "Cheer Bear" Care Bear outfit on Keenan.. too funny!

The cute little tail

LOL! I told him these pictures just may surface at his wedding! =)
(This might fit Moriah for her second Halloween or something)

I got this adorable little snow suit with some hand me downs
It almost makes me wish we lived in snow right now!

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Mom E said...

Oh my world! the photo of Keenan's behind in the bunny suit cracked me up! (no pun intended) lol. TOO funny! Hey, don't faint! I'm caught up! :-)