Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Done with speech!

Keenan officially graduated from speech therapy today. =) It was sort of sad, actually, because he really enjoyed it, and we both really liked his therapist a lot...

Here he is with Miss Barb and the balloon she gave him

I don't have too much else to blog about the day... it was pretty low key, trying to get naps in when both kids were sleeping (which didn't prove to be too successful).

I'm hoping Moriah lets me get a decent amount of sleep tonight since tomorrow will be a pretty long, busy day. My mom, Keenan, Moriah and I are driving to Madison, FL, to meet my Uncle Tom, Aunt Kathy and cousin Rebecca (coming from Pinellas Park, FL, seven hours away) for lunch! It will be great to see them since we don't get the chance very often, and especially since my aunt and uncle are headed for Congo on Friday!

Goodnight all!


Anonymous said...

Joia! I got your sweet card the other day. That was so sweet of you. It's been fun reading your blog and seeing your time w/ your family. Hoping I'll be seeing you again very soon! Gramma Di

Bruce Woodford said...

Congratulations to Keenan! From all your reports, his speech has certainly flourished the last few months. Now there'll be no shutting him up!!!

Hugs to all. (Give one to Grandma W for me too!!)
Grandpa W

Gr'ma E. said...

Congratulations Keenan! I sure miss "grilling beads" with you! (I know that's not what you call it, but I forgot what it's called at the moment). lol

Give your little sister a hug for me!

I miss you sooooo much,