Monday, January 26, 2009

A celebration of Frank's life

Frank's funeral was this afternoon. Wendi and Isaac came over and watched Keenan for us (what a great friend Wendi is, watching him for us when she's ready to pop anytime now!) It was a gorgeous day, and Philip was able to come with me. It was a really nice funeral. All three of Frank's kids got up and spoke briefly, giving very touching (and often quite humorous) tributes to their dad. The pastor talked about how wonderful it was that we could celebrate Frank's "home going" and also gave a very clear gospel message during the service, and again briefly at the grave side.

I managed to stay tear free most of the time, except when Frank's daughter in law was talking about how he was so good at telling stories, jokes, and singing songs. She then sang, You are My Sunshine, and I lost it...because he had sung that many times to Keenan when we were visiting.

I learned a few things about Frank that I didn't know before. During his time in the Air Force, he was the superintendent of printing of very classified information. While doing this, he made several inventions that helped the process work better. For this accomplishment he was personally congratulated by President Kennedy.

It was so nice to listen to what others who knew him much better than I, had to say about Frank. He was an amazing man. Someone mentioned that he was good at a Lot of things (hunting, fishing, carpentry, building, cooking, gardening...) but he was never prideful about his talents, and was always willing to help anyone. Several people said that he was a man of his word, and could always be depended on.

If I had the opportunity to get up and say something about Frank, I would have shared the story (click here and please pardon the lack of pictures, it was one of my very first blog posts!) of how I first met them and how kind they were to us from the start!

Myrtle was really happy to see us, and proudly introduced Moriah ("her" baby) to many of her friends and family. =) We discovered that Keenan is quite famous! Myrtle must talk about him a lot because we had at least a dozen people come up to us and say that they had heard about him and most had seen pictures as well. =)

We got to meet four of Myrtle's sisters (she's one of the oldest of ten kids), and several of them thanked us for being such a blessing to Myrtle... I feel like WE are the blessed ones, though!

She said that she can't wait to get her hands on Moriah again and I told her that Keenan, Moriah and I would be over so much she'd want to get rid of us. She said, "Good, then I won't be lonely". It will be a pleasure and an honor to give her company in the days, weeks and months ahead... she is such an amazingly kind, sweet and giving person and we love her to pieces.

Couple pictures from today:

She sure does love all the Grandmas she's met so far! =)

Keenan thought his snack cup would make a good "hat" for Moriah

"Hey, big brother, what are you doing?"


Mom W. said...

SO glad to hear that the funeral went so well. So glad the message was made so clear for all. That makes a funeral a celebration. Wendi did well to babysit at this point... bravo Wendi, (watching for your news... = )

Mom E said...

What an awesome tribute to Frank! Now I know why I felt so strongly to pray for Myrtle on the 26th! I had no idea it was the day of the funeral. God is good.