Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meeting Elijah and other stuff...

Most exciting things first... Here are my very first pictures of Elijah Luke! I was Thrilled to get to see Wendi tonight and meet him!!

Wendi, my new hero, after the incredibly long and challenging ordeal that got her to this moment

What a sweetie pie!

This was as close as I dared get to him since Keenan and Moriah aren't feeling that great

Okay, on to my own family... =)

Like I said, Keenan and Moriah both have a bit of a cough/cold combination. It's especially sad to see Moriah sick when she's still so young... =0/ Hopefully they both get over this soon, as it doesn't make for great sleeping for either one.

Keenan shared one of his play ice cream cones with her =)

Story time with big brother in the rocking chair

Daddy having a sweet moment with his baby girl

How precious is that??

I Love this look! LOL!

Here's a video of her in the basket yesterday...

This afternoon we went to a surprise birthday party for Sean, one of the other interns in Philip's class. It was a really fun party, with great people, good food, and lots of new kids and toys for Keenan to play with. =)

Keenan has started saying some Really funny things lately, here's a few of them:

The other day I was changing a dirty diaper and he said, "Owie", I said, "Is your bum sore?" and he said, "Kiss!"

When I put him in his crib for time out yesterday he said, "Oh, Maaan..."

When he wants to hold Moriah, he reaches for her and says, "Hold it!"

Elijah's Here!

Finally! Great news for John and Wendi! Check out her blog for the stats!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby in a Basket

Since we have pictures of Keenan in this basket, I decided to take some of Moriah too...

He loves her So much!

"Something seems a little fishy about this..."

Okay, now I'm just getting bored...

Here's my pal, Pink Bunny

What a cute basket full... =)

Which takes me back to Keenan's picture in the basket on his first Easter...

His was a little more crowded!

Ladies Night Out.. and Exciting news!

I crawled into bed at midnight last night (after a wonderful evening with some old and new friends) and got up at 6:45 with Keenan this morning... I'm sooo tired! =)

After dragging myself off the couch, the morning got a little brighter when I got a "much anticipated" call and made my first "guest blog entry" on the world's most read blog (aka Wendi's). Check it out!

The Ladies night last night was really fun! It was hosted by Marlise, one of the staff doctor's wives and was intended to help the staff and resident wives get to know one another a little better. It definitely worked and we had a great evening of eating, chatting and much laughter! Moriah was a big hit too and got passed around quite a bit.. =)

Just some of the scrumptious food!

Joy and Barbara loving on Moriah

Sandi, Kristy and Marlise

Jodi and Tracy

Me, Barbara and Brittney

I look forward to more events like this, as I think I could really learn a LOT from wives who have walked the "Military Doctor's Wife" path before me. It is Such a blessing to have so many other Christian wives to relate to as well!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick post

I'm just going to post quickly, since I'm getting ready to be gone for the evening. Yes, my amazing husband is babysitting for the second night out of three!

One of the staff doctor's wives is having a "Ladies Night" at her house for all the doctor's wives in the residency. Jodi and I are the only ones from the wifia that can make it tonight, but it should be a really fun time, getting to know some of the other wives.

Here's a picture of each of the kids from today:

Keenan clomped all around the house in my boots!

I think she does bald a Lot cuter than Dopey does! =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quite the wifia lunch...

This morning before Moriah and I woke up, Keenan and I had some special time, playing, reading books, having chocolate cake with our breakfast, and then opening one of his "big brother" presents. Goofy was a huge hit! Thanks, Vanessa!

Giving him a big hug

The wifia lunch was at Jodi's house today. She made some Amazing lasagna (in her crockpot!)
There was a ton of boys today! William, Jonathan, Keenan, Isaac, and one extra, Christopher (close to William's age) The four bigger boys spent the time running around, stealing toys from each other, laughing and shouting and getting into anything they could get their hands on.

During all of this, Chloe and Moriah (destined to be best buds) took a nap together on Jodi's guest room bed. How cute are they??

Two sleeping Beauties

Sharing Moriah's blanket

Around 1:00, Tiffany left with William and Christopher. She was smart to "hoist anchor and head out" when she did, because the mischief had only just begun! Keenan and Jonathan decided to play in Jodi's sunporch/Florida room and had climbed into the "jungle" that her three large ferns had made in one corner.

When I first saw them back here, I should have had them get out, but I didn't...
Shortly after, we heard a crash, ran over, saw that they had knocked a pot off of a table, and were both covered in dirt (but from where??) I looked behind the ferns...

..and there was Keenan sitting in the middle of a Huge mess!

With dirt everywhere and both boys covered, Andrea and I were unsure of where to start! We just opted to strip them down...

The two culprits

As we were waiting for Jodi to bring us washcloths, I looked over and Jonathan had pulled his underwear down and was peeing on the floor! I said, "Andrea, he's peeing!" She grabbed him and raced for the backyard, and Keenan went to follow... and stepped in the pee! At that point, I just decided to stick him in the shower and spray him down.

Jodi was Very gracious (she actually laughed the entire time!) and both boys went home with minimal clothes on, since neither Andrea or I were prepared for a complete change! Boys will be boys...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sprinkle... Whatever!!

Tonight, my MOPS group had a Mom's Night Out at T.G.I. Fridays. It was a wonderful evening with seven really fun friends. It was also a "Sprinkle" for Moriah and I! A Sprinkle is for someone who had a second baby and is supposed to be a "lighter version" of a baby Shower. I wouldn't say this was the case though, I think it was more like a full blown "rain storm"!
(Thanks Jen for some of the pictures!)

This is what I wore tonight... when I asked Philip what he thought, he said, "Um... it's a little funky..." LOL

Moriah and I

Robin and Andrea
(The organizers of the whole Awesome evening!)

Moriah, Andrea, Robin (Anna), Amanda, Jen, Melissa, Vanessa and I

The pretty gifts

The adorable (and yummy) cake

Vanessa, the "Diaper Cake" creator

Andrea with the super fun "Mama Memory Game"

This is me saying, "I Promise, I didn't cheat!!" after guessing two correct cards on the first turn!

Little lady of the hour... sleeping through the party

Opening gifts - yay!
(Keenan also got several gifts, which is so awesome, he'll be soo excited!)

Amanda loving on her

Moriah (the best gift of all) at home with all her beautiful new things!
(We are sooo blessed!)

Her adorable Pooh hat

In other news... Philip and I have recently taken on some new responsibilities in each of our lives.
Today, Philip was elected as one of the Chief Residents for next year! Although it will mean more responsibility = more time at work, I know he will do a fabulous job of it and I am so proud of him! (I played Hail to the Chief when he came home today!) =)
My news isn't nearly so big... I recently decided to join the leadership team of my MOPS group. I'm a little nervous, but I know it will be a ton of fun!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A celebration of Frank's life

Frank's funeral was this afternoon. Wendi and Isaac came over and watched Keenan for us (what a great friend Wendi is, watching him for us when she's ready to pop anytime now!) It was a gorgeous day, and Philip was able to come with me. It was a really nice funeral. All three of Frank's kids got up and spoke briefly, giving very touching (and often quite humorous) tributes to their dad. The pastor talked about how wonderful it was that we could celebrate Frank's "home going" and also gave a very clear gospel message during the service, and again briefly at the grave side.

I managed to stay tear free most of the time, except when Frank's daughter in law was talking about how he was so good at telling stories, jokes, and singing songs. She then sang, You are My Sunshine, and I lost it...because he had sung that many times to Keenan when we were visiting.

I learned a few things about Frank that I didn't know before. During his time in the Air Force, he was the superintendent of printing of very classified information. While doing this, he made several inventions that helped the process work better. For this accomplishment he was personally congratulated by President Kennedy.

It was so nice to listen to what others who knew him much better than I, had to say about Frank. He was an amazing man. Someone mentioned that he was good at a Lot of things (hunting, fishing, carpentry, building, cooking, gardening...) but he was never prideful about his talents, and was always willing to help anyone. Several people said that he was a man of his word, and could always be depended on.

If I had the opportunity to get up and say something about Frank, I would have shared the story (click here and please pardon the lack of pictures, it was one of my very first blog posts!) of how I first met them and how kind they were to us from the start!

Myrtle was really happy to see us, and proudly introduced Moriah ("her" baby) to many of her friends and family. =) We discovered that Keenan is quite famous! Myrtle must talk about him a lot because we had at least a dozen people come up to us and say that they had heard about him and most had seen pictures as well. =)

We got to meet four of Myrtle's sisters (she's one of the oldest of ten kids), and several of them thanked us for being such a blessing to Myrtle... I feel like WE are the blessed ones, though!

She said that she can't wait to get her hands on Moriah again and I told her that Keenan, Moriah and I would be over so much she'd want to get rid of us. She said, "Good, then I won't be lonely". It will be a pleasure and an honor to give her company in the days, weeks and months ahead... she is such an amazingly kind, sweet and giving person and we love her to pieces.

Couple pictures from today:

She sure does love all the Grandmas she's met so far! =)

Keenan thought his snack cup would make a good "hat" for Moriah

"Hey, big brother, what are you doing?"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dress up

Andrew went home this morning... =0/ We had a great time with him though, and are soo glad he took the weekend to come see us!

When we got back from dropping Andrew at the airport, Moriah was fast asleep... under her hat

Keenan insisted that we try these shoes on her! =)

We have been blessed with some really cute stuff for Moriah, and I just have to keep trying stuff on her.... and poor Keenan has been the model for some of the stuff that's too big for Moriah yet! =)

This hat goes with a Newborn outfit she just got! It likely won't fit her until the summer of 2010!

Philip actually put these hair bows/ribbons in Keenan's hair without me even knowing! =)

I just Had to try this "Cheer Bear" Care Bear outfit on Keenan.. too funny!

The cute little tail

LOL! I told him these pictures just may surface at his wedding! =)
(This might fit Moriah for her second Halloween or something)

I got this adorable little snow suit with some hand me downs
It almost makes me wish we lived in snow right now!