Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When it rains, it pours!!

After thirteen days of life without meeting a single member of her extended family, Moriah met five this afternoon, and will meet one more later tonight!

Her Grandpa Dan, Aunt Jessica, Uncle Matt, and two cousins, Reagan and Hudson all came into town this afternoon and spent several hours visiting with us. They'll be around until January 2nd. They left a little while ago to go check into their beach house in Destin. We'll be meeting up with them there soon.

My mom flies in tonight. Her flight (due to arrive at 9:30) has already been delayed an hour and a half! =0/ So not cool...

"Papa" Dan meeting his first grand daughter

Reagan playing in the aftermath of the three boys' playtime together =)

Very proudly holding his little cousin


denise said...

She has so many family members she'll be meeting this week! I'm so sad I can't be one of them :( Have fun with your mom, the Stallbaums, Uncle Dan, the Taylors and whoever else shows up!!!

auntmary said...

GREAT picture of Papa Dan and Moriah! I'll bet that brought tears to his eyes. Enjoy your beautiful family. Give hugs to your mom and everyone. Luv ya