Saturday, December 27, 2008

We love having Philip home!

It's been soo nice having Philip home these last three days! He has tomorrow off too... everyday I wake up and I'm excited that he doesn't have to go in to work that day! =0)

The weather continues to be really mild and nice out - I'm loving it! This afternoon, I left Moriah with Philip, and Keenan and I went to the park. He played at the playground, we walked along the beach, threw pine cones in the water and he played in the water fountain.. )

Miah asleep on the boppy last night while we watched Prince Caspian

...and on my lap

I pumped and had Philip give Moriah a bottle today (to make sure that she'll take a bottle)
I think it was a positive experience for both of them... =)

Here are some of the gifts Moriah has been given (that haven't previously been featured on the blog) I LOVE getting girly stuff! =)

Since he had quite a few things to open on Christmas day, we saved one of Keenan's presents until today for him to open...

Here he is with the Huge stocking, wondering what's inside...

Woohoo! A 100 piece block set!

It took him no time at all to get to work!

The boys getting ready to build something cool!

Moriah's first time in the swing

Keenan all wrapped up in his fuzzy lion towel after his bath this evening


Anonymous said...

When's your Mom showing up? I thought she was going to be there today?

Anonymous said...

cute pics!
We watched that movie lastnight too!

A Day In the Life . . . said...

Isobela had that exact swing - but she hated it, and cried the whole time! It was a cool swing though. That's so great that your baby sleeps a lot - it will make life a lot easier, now that you have double the responsibility. ..

The Woodford's said...

Excuse my ignorance - but what's a "boppy"? =) (Tim didn't know either!)


Joia said...

Steph, you don't HAVE a boppy?? How have you had three children without one? LOL!

It's the u-shaped pillow that's great for nursing, for sitting the baby in, etc...