Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tiny heads south!

Hi everyone! This is Joia's friend Wendi with a quick update for you.

Earlier today Joia started having some contractions. Her doctor made the decision to go ahead and do the inversion today instead of waiting until the 17th. I just got off the phone with Joia, and the inversion was a success! Tiny is now head down and in position for delivery! Way to go Tiny! There is always a chance that the inversion process can cause a need for an emergency c-section, but things went great, and Joia is resting comfortably after an uncomfortable procedure.

They are going to monitor Joia and Tiny for a few more hours. If all goes well, they'll go home, and Tiny will remain head down and make his/her debut at a later date.

Please take a moment to pray for Philip, Joia, Keenan, and little Tiny. Pray that Tiny will remain in position and will arrive exactly when the Lord decides it's the right time.

Night everyone!

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