Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sweet mornings..

An added bonus of having our new van is that I no longer have to be up and ready to take Philip to work every morning! The rotation that Philip is on right now, required us to wake Keenan up at 5:30 and take him out into the chilly morning darkness, in order to get Philip to work on time.

Now... (at least the last couple days), Keenan usually rouses a little at about the time that Philip is getting ready to go, so I change his diaper and put him back down. He usually goes back to sleep until about 6:50. (Previous to this, he had been waking at this time or earlier and that was it, he was up for the day) At this point, I bring him into our bed to snuggle for a while, while I have some more time to properly wake up. =) Yesterday and today, he snuggled for a while, and then rolled over to Philip's side of the bed (this usually means he's going to pop up, start talking, and want to play with the radio or something). However, instead, he has made himself comfy on Philip's pillow, clutched Bunny's ears in his hands, and gone back to sleep! Yesterday he slept until 8:20 , and today he went all the way to 8:50!! I'm not counting on this lasting, but it has been sooo Awesome!!

Today, since he slept so long, I actually woke up about half an hour before him, unable to go back to sleep (I'm not sure when the last time was that I actually got so much sleep that I woke up, without hearing him, and didn't feel the need for more!) Instead of getting up (and risking waking him up), I just lay there and watched him sleep... It was sooo sweet! (I would have gotten the camera if I thought I could have snapped a picture while he slept). His cute, flushed cheeks, his soft breathing, his little hands holding Bunny, or occaisionally reaching over and grabbing my shirt, and the way he snuggles into the big pillow was so precious to watch. It made me think that, though he is almost 21 months old, and will be a "BIG brother" very soon... he is still so much a baby and I am so thankful for any times I get like this before Tiny's arrival, because quiet moments alone with Keenan will be much harder to come by in a few weeks.

Well, enough sentimental gush... =) I need to go finish getting ready for the wifia coming over tonight. We're doing a "Secret Santa" gift exchange, eating snacks, and hanging out by the fire in our pj's, drinking hot chocolate!

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