Sunday, December 7, 2008

Short Sunday post

I don't have much to say about today. We've mostly just been home, doing things around the house. I also got a Wonderful nap this afternoon! (I wish I could "store up" sleep for when the baby comes!)

Philip installed some towel bars in the bathroom (one of the things on my "please do this before the baby comes" list). He even put one down at Keenan's height so he can learn to hang up his own towel! =)

Keenan is changing and saying more words every day it seems. This past week, he's started saying "Shonic!" whenever we pass Sonic, it's hilarious! (Apparently I've created a little addict..)

We are enjoying spending time with him in these few remaining weeks that we have before there's two little ones in the house.

Here's us reading books before his bath this evening..

Keenan, me and a large tummy!

We actually only read "Wendal at the Mall" Once today, not five or more! =)