Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Photo Shoot

Since we have very little pink stuff in our house, I dropped Keenan off with Wendi for a couple hours and Moriah and I went shopping. =) Just us girls... shopping... for clothes.... good times. =) She was a very good girl and slept through our entire first "girl's day out". Here's the result of our trip!

I actually only bought about half of this stuff (some second hand, some new), the rest was generously given to me by a friend I met at Keenan's speech therapy office who just had a baby girl a few weeks ago! (I'm sure some of the outfits will be featured on here in the coming days..)

Moriah's umbilical stump fell off today so we decided to celebrate with some bare tummy pictures...

She won't fit like this for long...

Hangin' out with Daddy =)

I love this one

"Who Are you, hairy fellow?"

"I guess he's okay..."

I don't have anything to say about these, except that I think we've been blessed with a pretty cute baby girl... =)

Getting dressed again... this is Keenan's hospital shirt!

On a completely unrelated, random note:

Detroit Zoo Welcomes Newborn Aardvark

I'm guessing most of you, like me, have never seen a baby aardvark! Read the article here



denise said...

she is such a cutie! I'm sure you don't get tired of hearing it :)

Anonymous said...

that Ardvarc thingy is soo ugly that its cute lol! But Moriah is sooo sweat! to cute!

Jessica said...

That is one nasty looking animal. Reagan was like, oh look! That is so cute! lol!!

Anonymous said...

You are simply amazing with the camera. I loved all of the pictures....
Thanks for sharing them with me.