Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Parade Pictures

I didn't really feel like blogging last night when we got home from the parade, since I had turned too sharply with the car, backing out of a parking spot and had scraped the front bumper pretty badly (the Car, not the van). Not so very cool at all... =0/

The parade this year was So much more fun than last year! First of all it wasn't minus 1000 out! (Last year was THE coldest day of the year, I think!), and also it went much faster this time, not nearly so many gaps between floats.

We went a little early and saved a good parking spot with the car and then took Keenan to the Landing to see all the lights while we waited for the parade to start.

The boys headed into the park

The huge Christmas tree!

Us in front of the lit up town

We got back just in time for the start of the parade. Erik, Andrea, Jonathan and Chloe joined us also! We had so much fun! Since we were near the start of the parade, people were VERY generous with the candy and beads! (It also helps when you have two cute little boys with you).

One of Keenan's favorites, a big, noisy firetruck!

Straining to take everything in

Chloe wasn't quite so excited.

We had to keep taking beads off of Keenan so he didn't fall over from the weight! =)
(That way he also got lots more, too!)

Mid-parade kiss for Daddy

Family picture... compared to last year...

Keenan has changed SO much! =)

Self portrait

Keenan and I

Andrea and I (or "Slim and Fats")

Keenan this morning with "the motherload"

Playing with his new toy and reading the 3D book from the McDonald's float =)


Mom W. said...

Awww, sorry about your fender bender Joia =( At least you didn't have to fight the snow. Not fun...I can't believe you only have 24 days left... that means I come in 3 Weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

Slim and fats?? I don't think so...you look great!! The parade was so much fun!!