Friday, December 5, 2008

Pajama Party

We had a great time last night! Most of the wifia (minus Sarah who was out of town and Andrea, who was just getting over being sick), came over last night to hang out in our pajamas, eat snacks and exchange our Secret Santa gifts.

It was the first time we've gotten together without kids (well, sort of, Keenan ended up being up for a while, since he know "Igik" was here), without going out somewhere, or having some sort of agenda. It was nice to have some unstructured time to just hang out and chat!

The food and most of the gifts
(I made Chocolate Peanut Butter bars, which are posted on the dessert blog)

Tiff had Jodi's name, and got her some yummy bath products and this cool monogrammed makeup bag!

I had Wendi's name, and got her a bunch of "Taking care of the new Mommy" supplies for after Elijah's birth
I also made this tree ornament with Isaac's handprint on it

Keenan had a Grand old time, being up and out of bed with all of us. He ate the entire time (as if I hadn't just fed him supper!) Here he's lounging on the couch, eating one of the 15 or so Triscuts he consumed over the evening =)

Wendi, Isaac and I with her gift

Jodi bought my gift and got me some Amazingly soft pajama pants, really cute earrings, Lindor chocolates and Buttercream Vanilla bubble bath!
(Tiff didn't get to open her gift yet, since one of the other girls had her name)

The four of us toasting on the fireplace for a quick picture


Flakymn said...

Woah -- I look really, really, really pregnant. :)

Thanks for a fun time Joia.

Jessica said...

That looks like so much fun. We need to live closer to each other!!! Angela and I just bought those snowman plates for our first "At Home" party. :)