Sunday, December 21, 2008

Moriah Picture Extravaganza

I've taken a Ton of pictures of Moriah today... I didn't figure anyone (especially Grandparents) would complain... =)

A lot of these were ones that I wanted to make sure and get while she is so tiny, since her features will change so much and I didn't want to miss these pictures!

Read my shirt

This newborn outfit from Andrea is still Huge!

Daddy and his kids

We picked this up yesterday, but when I tried it on her today, I realized it's not still going to fit her on Christmas day, so I took a picture and will take it back...

Twinkle toes

Christmas is such a cute time to have a tiny baby... =)

Man, I love this little girl...

Moriah and her teddy

Sleeping elf

"Riah, Santa's here!"

Keenan adoring his baby sister

Moriah's "Onesie Dress" (Keenan wore this as a newborn!)

How cute are these?? They came in the mail from my friend, Laura, just a few days before Moriah's birth!

Tiny little hands and feet...

Nothing like wrinkly newborn feet =)

Comparing foot sizes.... =)

So cute!

In Keenan's wheelbarrow

This is one of her best awake pictures yet, I think

Excuse the lack of makeup and the presence of pajamas... it's been a lazy day here for us =)

I call this one "Boy Stuck in a Box"


The Woodford's said...

Adorable pic's, Joia! This auntie will take as many as you'll give!!! =) Give those two cuties lots of hugs and smooches from us! Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics Joia! I love them! Thanks you for posting one of the little slippers on her that I sent - I really did want to see them with real little feet in them :) So cute:)
Glad you all are doing so well.
love you,
Laura :)