Monday, December 22, 2008

Into thin air...

To anyone reading who has multiples, this post will be very humorous indeed (well, I guess to all the veteran "more than one kid" moms out there). It is Such a difference getting Two kids ready and out the door to go somewhere (by myself) than one!
Philip forgot his lunch today, so I decided to take it to him at work. I got Keenan dressed and ready, got Moriah up, changed her, fed her, then she needed to be changed again. By this point, Keenan was acting up and needed a time out. I took his shoes off in his room to put him in his crib (where he has time out). When I got him out, I asked him to pick up his shoes and bring them to the back door so we could put them on. I then finished up some things with Moriah, and when I asked Keenan for his shoes, they were no where to be found! Folks, I mean NOWHERE! I looked everywhere I could think of (even in the fridge, kitchen cupboards, garbage cans, under furniture) I couldn't find them! Well, he just went into the van with no shoes on.
We delivered Philip's lunch and then were going to head to the Commissary to buy some groceries, but he offered to do it on his way home. We stopped at Burger King to pick up some lunch for Keenan and then headed home so he could take a nap.
When he got up from his nap, I decided "Heck, let's just FIND the stupid shoes, they have to be here Somewhere! I'll just carefully look through each room and keep moving through the house until I find them!" I have still not found the shoes!!! I seriously think they vanished!!
We did end up going to the commissary after all, since we were back on base for something else this afternoon (Keenan was wearing sandals with socks). It was a mad house! This was my first trip back since Moriah was born... which means No more super close maternity parking spots for me... =( Fortunately we only had to get a few things, and I actually made it through the whole store without anyone lifting up the blanket and breathing their germs all over Moriah! =) Yay!
As far as the shoes go... I hope they turn up soon - I'll be sure to let you know where I end up finding them! =0/

Bundled up all snuggly and warm on a cold day


Mom W. said...

Did you look in the oven Joia??? =)

Anonymous said...

Did you look outside of the back door? Did you look underneath the crib?

Flakymn said...

I betcha Scrubby ate them!

Jessica said...

Check the trash and the bathtub and the hamper and the freezer. Just naming places where I have eventually found missing items!! :)
Oh the life of two. It is quite a difference. Love you! Jessica

denise said...

I know you said you found them, but for future reference (and to add to Jessica's), check all insides of things. Backpacks, pillowcases, dryer, closets he normally does not go into, dresser drawers, hats, arms of coats, chairs that are pushed in and you can't see, toy box, and all child proof cabinets. (You know those open JUST far enough to stuff things in there.)

The good thing is he eventually will be old enough to remember where he put it and can run and go show you!