Saturday, December 6, 2008

Funny Kid, St. NIck, a Christmas Parade, Santa and DQ!

Last night when Philip got home, Keenan was being So funny, and walking around with this Santa hat on his head, pulled right down over his face! After walking into the wall once, he got better about feeling with his hands and listening for our voices to know where we were...

Faceless Santa =)

Here's a video of the silliness... =)

Last night, "St. Nick" (aka MOPS) visited our house in the dark and left some treats in Keenan's shoe for him and the baby! =)

This morning I was heading to the grocery store, when I realized that the main road was all set up for the Christmas parade (that I didn't even know was happening today). I turned around, went home, put Keenan in the stroller and walked the block down the hill and we sat and watched the parade. It was perfect, because we got there just after it started (so no annoying wait), the weather was sunny and beautiful, and as soon as it was over, we got to go home, not battle our way through traffic! The walk back UP the hill was a little harder though... =0)

One of My favorite things in the parade.. =)

It was really sunny!

Pointing at the fire truck

I was Totally surprised to see this float, carrying one of the new interns and his family! =)

Keenan seeing the Jolly old Elf himself

When I went on base to buy groceries after the parade, there was quite a lot of "post parade" traffic going on base... and who was working at the gate, checking ID's? None other than the Base Commander himself in his dress blues! That doesn't happen every day...

This afternoon, we went to Destin Commons with John, Wendi and Isaac to have the kids pictures taken with Santa. (I wonder if Keenan figured it was the same one!) Neither of the kids was terribly pleased with the whole thing, but it was fun anyway... =)

Keenan and Isaac in our sit'n'stand stroller

I think this was the best one.. thanks John!

It was a little cool, so we headed over to Panera Bread for some warmth and soup and sandwiches.
Keenan enjoying one of the big comfy chairs

Keenan enjoying his candy cane from Santa

On the way home (while both boys slept), we stopped at DQ for buy one get one free Blizzards (with our coupons from the Blizzard Fan Club) =)

We had dinner and spent the evening, watching football and catching up with Rob and Sarah. They also came out and checked out our new van, since we're now in "the club" with them... =)

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The Woodford's said...

Cute pic's, Joia! It used to be hard to imagine a Christmas parade with is sunny and warm outside...not anymore!! Are those Christmas beads or necklaces around Keenan's neck at the parade? Just wondering! =)