Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fun at home

Today has been a pretty relaxed day, mostly spent at home doing minor stuff around the house. We did run a few errands in our totally fun and cool minivan though... =)

Here she is:

We obviously Love all the space, and it also has a couple fun, extra features (that we totally didn't need) like the leather seats and DVD player, but I'm in Love with the power sliding doors!
I also like that it's silver, so we have a "matching pair" of Hondas. =)

I finally got around to recycling some cardboard and was going to throw the box from our rocking chair away, but decided to make Keenan a house instead... I got a little carried away and it turned into his "Christmas House". No, I don't really have time to be doing such silly stuff, it just sort of happened... =)

Some extra greenery and lights to make it fun...

Keenan peeking through the window

Tour of the inside of his house =)

I haven't posted video of Keenan in a while, and I think it's really cute how interactive he is while we're reading books. Here's a video of him listening to one of his favorites, Wendall at the Mall. Yes, I am purposely "off camera" because I was in my pajamas and didn't really want to be seen! (If you listen carefully, you'll hear Keenan say a few of the words before I open the flaps, since he knows this book pretty much by heart!) =)

I got to hang out with Isaac this afternoon... while Keenan slept the whole time! Isaac was a gem, as usual, and played quite happily with Keenan's blocks most of the time. =)

Yum! (I think the lemon one was his favorite)

Sweet smile

I keep getting comments from people about how small I am, and that they can't believe I'm almost due... I totally don't get this, since I think (from pictures) that I'm just as big as last time, and usually feel quite large! Today at the Commissary, a man (and his wife, both about 55 years old... parked in MATERNITY parking... don't get me started on that), said to Keenan, "So is your Mommy going to give you a brother or a sister?" I said, "We don't know yet.", he said, "Not yet, huh? Well, in another four or five months..." What??? Try Weeks! I think some people just aren't very observant...


Anonymous said...

They were just trying to kiss up to you because they knew they were evil for taking your spot...just joking, I'm sure you look fantastic!

Flakymn said...

You do look Grrr----ate!

Mom E said...

couple of things...(sorry it's long) Love the van (it looks strangely familiar, lol)...Isaac has made some really cool cardboard houses, but will be jealous of this one! I LOVED seeing Keenan in his Christmas jammies & reading the book w/ you (didn't think of it till now, but he used gifts from both grandmas that day) ;-)....I think it's great that you are getting compliments re: your "maternity status" ..think of the alternative...I was only 5 mos. pregnant w/ Isaac (in a dressing room, trying on clothes, when a woman asked if I was having twins! oh my, I was so *not* happy; in fact I went in the dressing room and cried! So give yourself credit; you've done Really well. Love you!

Mom W. said...

The van looks really nice Joia, what a wonderful blessing to have it. I love the video of Keenan and the book- hearing him say the words, he is getting so big and grown up! I would love a print of him in the stocking though, I LOVE that picture... see you in less than a month!