Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flip, Baby, Flip!

Today has been a busy, fun day. Keenan and I went to Jodi's for the wifia lunch and ended up being the only ones there! =0) Jodi made an Amazing meal of chicken pie, veggies and sweet potatoes... a perfect meal for a cool, rainy day! Her house is Beautifully decorated for Christmas... here's a couple shots:

Her Gorgeous (real) tree!

The pretty mantel

After lunch, Keenan and I headed on base to my appointment with Dr. G. She wanted to check and see if the baby had flipped yet, and also check my blood pressure, since it was a little bit high last week. My blood pressure was fine, but the baby has not decided to do the flipperoo yet. Last night, I even tried to convince him/her to flip by putting a package of frozen raspberries on the top of my stomach (sometimes the cold will make babies turn over and head south). =) No deal, though. I am scheduled for the procedure to flip the baby a week from today.

After my appointment, Keenan and I visited with Wendi and Isaac for a little while before I left for my fitness class and Keenan took a nap for Wendi. I'm getting down to my last few classes, so I'm really glad when she works us hard, so I can "get in as much as I can" while I have time.

Here's a couple silly pictures of our boy:

Walking around in Philip's boots last night when he got home
.Crooked hat, Oreo face and a guilty look
(he's trying to "unlock the door" with a spoon)
I think he looks like a little crook!


Mom W. said...

Cute crook!!

Anonymous said...

This is the only way I know to get in touch with you. As you know Jeff's dad is bad and I am good friends with Jeff's aunt Janet. Anyway something is wrong with Carol's phone and Janet can't get hold of her to find out about Roger so I thought that you would have Jeff's or Kathleen's cell number so she could call them. I do enjoy seeing your pictures. You have a very very cute son.Don't know how this thing works. so will give you my e-mail