Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Family, family, family!!

My mom made it safely here last night... after 12:30!

This morning we had "Christmas Number Two" after she unloaded TONS of presents from her suitcase from lots of family and friends in Canada! How fun!

For lunch, we had twelve of us here for a big turkey dinner. Along with Matt, Jessica, Dad and Reagan and Hudson, we also got a visit from Uncle Dave, Aunt Pat, and Hannah on their way home to Missouri!

After a great afternoon spent eating, visiting and laughing, everyone else headed out, we got naps, and soon we're heading to Matt and Jessica's place in Destin to celebrate New Years and spend the night. More family is coming in to town tomorrow! Woohoo!

Keenan with the gifts

Grandma giving Moriah a bottle

All the new presents!!

My mom and I in matching aprons that Dan got in Kenya!

Matt, (Reagan), Dad, Pat, Dave, Jessica

Keenan, Joia, Judy, Hannah, Philip

Dave and "Mo"

Hannah (a little nervous to hold Moriah at first, but quickly started to like it!)

Pat finally getting a turn


The Woodford's said...

Yay! Glad Mom made it okay, and glad you get to enjoy so many relatives at once!! Hope you have a really Happy New Year! Please say hello to everyone there from us. Love to you all.

Flakymn said...

Welcome to town everyone!!!!! Isn't Moriah GORGEOUS!?!

denise said...

yay, how fun! now you have more help and can sit down and RELAX more :)