Friday, December 26, 2008

Disc golfing with the kids =)

Since the weather continues to be so mild, we decided to go disc golfing this afternoon. Moriah's first time at nine days old! =) It was a really fun time for us to get some exercise, fresh air, and gave Keenan a chance to run around and be a boy.

Here he is after throwing dirt up in the air and then falling down...

Look at all the junk in his hair!

My cute family

Keenan and Mommy

The four of us on a bridge
(Keenan actualy made a cute face here!)

Keenan (completely oblivious to the rest of the world) having a great time in the pine needles

The highlight of the day was coming home... Brittney had stopped by and left us dinner, salad, dessert, candy, and gifts for the kids! Wow! We have been well taken care of by our friends, we are so blessed. =)

I got another present today from Philip (well, he said it was from Keenan). It's a "You did a great job giving birth" present...

The larger bootie, with the Aquamarine (March) stone was a Mother's Day gift after I had Keenan. The pretty chain and the bootie with the Turquoise (December) stone are from Philip. He had hoped to be able to get the same bootie this time, but I like that they're different and Moriah's is tiny (like her). =)

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