Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crazy morning

The Honda dealership where we bought the van called this morning. They said the cross bars for our roof rack were in, and could I schedule an appointment to come have them installed? Well, I didn't feel like the baby was coming today so I figured it would be smart to get it out of the way, and set up the appointment for 10:30.

We got there a little bit early, parked the van, and went inside to the lounge (after being assured "It won't take long at all, since it's such a small job"). Well... there's not a Whole lot to entertain a 21 month old at a dealership, I discovered. They did have a small kids area, but he didn't find the toys interesting, and since he's not used to watching it, only sat by the TV for about 15 minutes during our stay. He Did get a big purple helium balloon from one of the employees (which was a huge help). We wandered all around the inside of the building, looking at the cars, visited the bathroom, played at the water fountain, ate a free oatmeal cream sandwich cookie (Man, I'd forgotten how good those things were!), and then headed outside to run around and walk on every parking stone that wasn't covered by a bumper, peeked around the corner to see if our van was being worked on (it wasn't), and wandered in between all the bushes in the flower bed. We repeated this rotation several times before Keenan had a meltdown and we headed back inside to snuggle with Bunny and watch a few more minutes of kids TV.

At this point, (an hour and 45 minutes after we got there) they came and said the van was done, Halleluiah! But... they had done a routine 30 point inspection on the van and discovered that we had two broken engine mounts! =0/ The repair was covered but they would need to keep the van overnight to get those fixed. Next, we had to wait for Hertz to come get us with a rental car so we could go home.

When the Hertz guy got there, he was none too friendly. I don't know if it was because I wasn't a "paying customer" (since Honda was covering the car), or what, but... I had Keenan, the big purple balloon, the diaper bag and his huge car seat all to get into the car, and he didn't offer to help with anything, he just sat there while I loaded it all in! On the way to Hertz, he said about three words, and then pulled up, pointed, and said, "There it is", and waited while I unloaded everything again.

We went in, waited a bit, and then got the paperwork done for the car. Keenan was on the verge of falling asleep standing up, and I felt like I could cry. When the woman brought us back out to get our car...it was the same one I had just unloaded from!!

We drove through Wendy's for lunch and then headed home to bed, for both of us. That's where the drama ended, and they day is going much better now! =)


Flakymn said...

Oh mannnnnnn -- I can FEEL the frustration in that day TOTALLY!

The only good thing: those oatmeal cookies are AWESOME!

Jessica said...

That is SO wrong! What is that guy thinking? You are obviously pregnant AND you have Keenan. Come on! He needs a good talking to. Lemme' at him! :) Glad you got that done before Tiny arrives though!

Anonymous said...

You should have asked him if it hertz to smile.