Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Evening

We spent the evening with John and Wendi, and Wendi's parents, George and Diane. John made an AMAZING meal (click on Wendi's blog for the menu!) and we had a great time with them all. It was nice to have somewhere to go and someone to celebrate with, even though we really enjoyed spending Christmas in our own home with our two little munchkins. =)

Some of Moriah's many Christmas clothes
(Thanks Aunt Jessica for the bib!)

Keenan and Moriah all dressed up
(This adorable party dress is from Philip's cousin, Denise)

Us girls by the tree

Sleepy girl all ready to head out

Keenan unwrapping his present from "Grandma Di"
(It was soo sweet of her to get gifts for both kids - she got Moriah some adorable clothes as well!)

Snoozin' on Mommy

The two babies together

This picture cracks me up... Moriah just snoozing, and the boys doing...who knows what?

Family Christmas picture

Just the two of us with Moriah (Keenan was done)

The incredible meal

This is what John and Wendi's family will look like in a few weeks!

Keenan doing puzzles with Grandma Di =)

A very hungry Moriah in her final Christmas outfit...


Jessica said...

That dress from Denise is PERFECT. It fits her so well and she looks like a baby doll! T-minus 3 days til I get to hold her...and of course see you guys too lol!!

denise said...

yay! I am so glad it got there in time and it FITS her! It won't be too long until she chunks up and then those little preemie clothes will be way to small on her. Such a beautiful family you have!

auntmary said...

I saw the really cute dress Denise sent "up close" at WM today. It looks so adorable on your precious Moriah. Can't wait to see pix of her in the sweet little valour outfit. I hope it still fits when you come North too.
Happy New Year. Luv 'n hugs