Friday, December 19, 2008

A Baby Story

Okay, here I go with an abbreviated version of what our life has been like since Tuesday...

Tuesday evening, John and Wendi dropped Isaac off for a few hours while they went to see the play "Oliver".

Keenan was concerned that Isaac wasn't wearing socks (Isaac hates socks and usually has little hot feet), so he went to his bedroom and brought back his whole bin of socks, selected a pair, and tried to put them on him! =)

While I was getting dinner ready, I started contracting (around 6:30). They were about ten minutes apart at first, so I was in no rush to get to the hospital or anything. We finished getting stuff ready, fed Isaac, gave Keenan a bath, put Isaac to bed and were able to both put Keenan to bed (that was special because we talked to him about the fact that he might have a baby brother or sister the next day and that we loved him, and prayed with him, etc..) The contractions then jumped to about 4 or 5 minutes apart. We called Jodi and she headed over to watch Keenan and Isaac. I showered, Philip put our stuff in the car, and we left the house at about 10. Funny note: The guard at the gate took our I.D's, asked how we were doing, and I said, "Hopefully on our way to have a baby!" and he practically threw our cards back in the window and said, "BYE!"

When we got to the hospital, we went to the clinic first, and Philip did an ultrasound to make sure that Tiny was still head down. Thankfully, she was! (Otherwise, we would have had to rush right up to Labor and Delivery and have them try to turn the baby again). After that we hung out in the residency room for a while and Philip started figuring things out as far as getting his responsibilities covered for the next couple of days, etc..

The contractions were getting stronger, but I still felt pretty good, so we opted not to check in just yet. Since it was an incredibly nice and mild night, we walked around outside the hospital for a while before heading up to L and D. Here's my last pregnant picture!

I do think that belly looks a little small to be pushing a baby out just yet!

At about 11:00, my labor got really intense but with Philip's amazing help, a big ball to sit on, and a movie on TV for distraction, I didn't Really feel the need for an epidural until almost 3:00. At that point I was able to rest for a while, and then an hour and a half later it was time to push! After pushing through only two contractions, Moriah was born!

Her head came out, and then I think Philip and I both held our breath for a couple seconds, until Dr. G. pulled her out, flipped her around and said, "It's a GIRL!" We were sooo thrilled! =)

Totally exhilarated...

Tired, but Very proud Daddy

Moriah and I with Dr. G, she rocks!!

None of the clothes we brought fit her, but I had to get her into Something pink fast!

Having her hair washed during her fist bath
(We think she looks a lot like Keenan did when he was born)

Around 10:00, Jodi brought Keenan by, and Philip met them out at the elevators and brought Keenan in first, so the four of us could have a "moment" for the big "Hey, meet your new little sister" event. The three of us sat and chatted at the bed for a few minutes and then Philip picked Keenan up and took him over to look at Moriah. Keenan immediately wanted to hold her and actually reached into the bassinet and started to pick her up! =)

"Holt, Holt!" (Hold)

Still not really having any idea that she's Ours, Keenan was really excited to meet her and hold her =)

One of our first visitors (and our hero), Jodi

What can I say about Jodi? She has just been Amazing.. that's all there is to it. She has gone over and above and beyond anything we could have hoped for and has done extra things for us, and taken care of Keenan for two entire days for us. We had Such peace of mind leaving him with her, and were really able to enjoy our time in the hospital with Moriah (even though we really did miss him a lot in between visits). Jodi, what a gift you gave us! =)

Keenan unwrapping his bulldozer from Moriah

Giving a thank you kiss

Andrea and Erik with Moriah
(This picture could Totally be them with their daughter, Chloe!)
I meant to get pictures of all of our visitors, but forgot... =0/
Thank you to everyone who stopped by, we loved it!!

First "real" clothes!

The hospital stay was awesome for me. Both the rooms we were in were really nice, the staff who took care of us was all Super nice and very good at what they do, and the food was wonderful! If we didn't have Keenan to get back to, I would have stayed as long as they would let me! =)

Philip and I having our "Proud Parent Meal" yesterday at lunch
(Eglin does this thing where we each get to choose things off of a special menu and they bring it to us for lunch the day after the baby's birth! I had Chicken Cordon Bleu with a baked potato, salad, veggies and chocolate cream pie and Philip had Rib Eye Steak with creamy pasta alfredo, salad, veggies and cheesecake! It was soo good!)

Sleepy pair

Since Moriah's weight looked good, and her billirubin level was also good, we decided to come home last night, instead of staying until today. Philip took several trips to the car to get all of our stuff in, and then we put her in the car seat for the first time. We thought Keenan looked tiny in it when He was born...

All buckled in...

Before going home, we headed to Sonic to get Keenan a cherry limeade ("from Moriah") and a Caramel Java Chiller for me. =)

Keenan was happy to see us (well, the Sonic cup may have had something to do with the warm welcome), and couldn't stop kissing Moriah! =)

Big brother with his brand new little sister at home

Last night was spent settling back in, spending special time with Keenan and getting our bedroom ready for Moriah to sleep in there with us.

The night went fairly well. Moriah seemed to wake up fairly often, but wasn't all that fussy, and is nursing really well already.

I was a little bit nervous about today, with Philip back at work, and me taking care of both kids by myself for the first time. It went really well though. Keenan slept until 8:00, and then he and I snuggled for a while when he got up and then he went in to see Moriah and had breakfast. She spent most of the day napping, which was really nice, because I was able to devote most of my attention to Keenan and to getting laundry and things done around the house.

Keenan waving at a sleeping "Riah"

One of the highlights of my day was taking Moriah over to meet Frank and Myrtle... They were ecstatic to meet her and said she was the most beautiful baby ever.

I love this picture and it will always be special to me, because a few weeks ago I didn't think she was even going to be born in time to meet Frank, and here they are together! =)

Our Sleeping Beauty

A little while later, a little more "pinked out"


Andrew said...

She looks so cute I cannot wait to meet here. Glad you are all doing so well.

Brittny said...

Congrats!!!! We are so excited for the 3 of you and Keenan seems to take well to being a big brother. Let us know if we can do anything and go get some rest! : )

D, J, M, R, H said...

Thanks to Jodi for being an awesome Aunt and "sister" to Joia. It is such a blessing to see her being so taken care of. Joia, (and P, K and M), we cannot wait to see you!!! Love, Aunt Jessica, Uncle Matt, Grandpa Dooley, Reagan and Hudson

Bruce Woodford said...

Hi Joia and Philip
She's beautiful! And I love the name...the place where Abraham was tested in offering Isaac who was spared and the place where God did not spare his own Son but delivered him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? Romans 8:32

Give that little gal and big brother Keenan lots of lovin' for us until Grandma W arrives on the 30th!

Lots of love to you all,
Grandpa W

J, M, I, C, T, M, K said...

I *finally* got to see my granddaughter for the first time today via the blog (thanks to Trisha & Chas.)and she is beautiful. Trisha & I watched the video (a few blogs ago; I've been catching up)and we laughed and laughed. Joia, you looked absolutely glowing in the first photo of you and Moriah together.

In another blog your mom noted that your initials were reversed..yours being Joia Marie and hers being Moriah Joy...did you also realize that she has begun her life as a doctor like her daddy? Her initals being MD. :-)

Congratulations to you and welcome "tiny" Moriah to our family.

We love you,

Papa Jeff, Gr'ma E., Isaac, Chas., Trisha, Micah and Kiah