Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yay, no more nights for a while!

I'm blogging late again... I guess it sort of slipped my mind because I felt like I'd already done it, since I posted on another blog...

No pictures today, but it has been a good one. Philip came home super late this morning, after his last night of this rotation. Things were Really crazy at the hospital, so he didn't get in until almost 10! We had planned to go check out some vehicles at several dealerships today, and had Jodi come. By the time she got here at 2, Philip was still so exhausted that he decided he wasn't up for that, so instead he and I had a bit of a date and went to Sonic and then went disc golfing in Fort Walton Beach. With the cool (quite chilly, actually) weather and the fall colors, it almost looked like we were playing in Michigan (except for the palms everywhere), it was really pretty! (My camera was in the car though, bummer) =0/

After that we went and did some BABY shopping at Target. (Can you tell that excites me??) I'm totally stoked about one of our purchases. We got a Sony baby monitor, priced at $49.99... for $12.46!! It had a sticker on it that said "As Is"... we weren't really sure what that meant, and were a tiny bit nervous buying it (since it couldn't be returned), but it turns out it was still sealed in the original packaging inside and works fine (waay better quality than our other one!) Jodi suggested that maybe it was marked down since it was discontinued and they don't sell them anymore or something. Could be - anyway, it was an Awesome deal!

Keenan had a great time with "Joey" while we were gone, and even napped in his big boy bed without getting out and running around his room! He's such an angel for other people....=)

Philip gave Keenan his bath and I just made a run to Blockbuster, Subway and Dairy Queen, so it's looking like a great evening! Night all!


denise said...

so, what is this "other blog" you posted to? do we need to check this one out too? :)

Joia said...

LOL... I'm sorry that's classified information. Actually it's just a private blog for my MOPS group.

denise said...

you are too funny, you are a blogging addict! "Hi, my name is Joia and I'm addicted to blogging..." lol. I'm just giving you a hard time, I love reading blogs. I just don't have the patience and dedication to do my own. Maybe someday :) Love ya!