Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The weekend is already here!

Keenan and I joined most of the wifia for lunch at Chick-fil-A (man, I love that place). We decided, with tomorrow being Thanksgiving, we didn't want to be preparing food two days in a row, so we just made it easy.

We had a great time visiting, while Keenan and Jonathan ran wild in the play area with a Ton of other kids (all of which were really too old to be in there!) Keenan was having the time of his life, until he ran into a bench and came out with blood running out of his mouth (from a cut on the inside of his lip). That created quite a bit of drama, since it seemed like everyone in the restaurant noticed and was talking about it and offering help and bringing ice... he was fine in a minute or two, once he'd got his paci and had some ice to eat. =)

Andrea and her parents stopped by with the two kids.... she looks Fabulous! All pretty and skinny... she was making Wendi and I really jealous. =)

Andrea, me, Jodi (Isaac) and Wendi

Andrea cuddling Isaac

Sleeping beauty (I love her shirt!)

I had my fitness class this afternoon (quick work out before Thanksgiving!) and she had us ride five miles (one for each week I have left!) on the bike, then do some weight training and balancing workouts. It's getting a little harder to do some things, with my belly growing, but I still feel really good, and am so glad for the chance to get good exercise!

Philip was ready as soon as I was done my class, and his work week is now over until Monday! Woohoo!

When we got home, Philip changed, and Keenan wanted to try on part of his uniform...

"Hmm... I make this look pretty good..."

"Okay, so it's still a Little big!"

We just had some yummy, "cold weather chowder" for dinner, and after Keenan goes to bed, Philip and I are going to put up our Christmas tree! I got most of the other decorating done last night (I'm scaling back a bit this year, trying to think ahead to the "take down" with a newborn in the house).

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Mom E said...

I clicked on the photo of Keenan in the mirror so I could see it better and loved the look he had on his face! Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Mom