Friday, November 21, 2008

We are thankful...

Philip's mom made us this cute leaf garland to write on and display the things we are thankful for. Keenan and I just assembled it and hung it on the mantle today.

We have So much to be thankful for!

For Jesus Christ
For a safe and healthy pregnancy with "Tiny" (Only 42 days to go!)
For each other
For our amazing families
For the friends we've been blessed with
For a warm house
For food
For Philip's job
For our car


That it's the weekend!
That Keenan and I are feeling somewhat better
That we get to watch football with friends tomorrow (okay, Philip is a little bit more excited about the football part than I am, but I'm excited about time with our friends!)
That gas prices continue to go down!
I am thankful for anything chocolate or any carbonated beverage these days... =)

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Mom E said...

Oh YAY!!! I am catching up again and we just put our Thankful Leaves up yesterday and I was wondering if you were using yours! It was fun to see it in on your blog! I'll have to take a photo of ours and send it to you! I am thankful for you, Philip, Keenan and Tiny on his or her way. Love, Mom