Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Today, being Veteran's Day, is a holiday for most people on base, but since Philip is working nights, it doesn't affect him at all... =0/
I heard a Really loud, low flying plane and guns being fired, before I remembered what day it was and that they were having a ceremony at a park near our house!

Speaking of veterans... I have an update on Frank... He was put in the ICU last night after suffering what sounds like a stroke. This morning he was going to be having a procedure to clear out the blockages in his arteries. The doctors have now predicted that he has less than a month left.
His children are in favor of him having chemo, (Myrtle is Not, and wishes she could just bring him home), so it sounds like he may have a rough time ahead of him, instead of just getting to go home and rest. Please continue to pray for both Frank and Myrtle and that the decisions made regarding his care would be in his very best interest.


Mom E said...

Will keep them in my prayers. I did pray for them today and for you that God would give you the words they both need. Love, Mom

The Woodford's said...

Oh Joia, what a rough time for you guys, and for them. We are praying for you all.

Lots of love,