Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trip to Alabama

We had a really fun time away!

On the way, we stopped at several places and got some excellent Black Friday deals on gifts, and then checked into our hotel in Mobile in the afternoon. It was raining, so we weren't able to go disc golfing like we had hoped, and ended up just hanging out at the hotel for a while instead.

It's crazy how much stuff we travel with now that we have Keenan! =)

The boys chillin' out

We went to Chili's for dinner and then took a Very sleepy Keenan back to the hotel to get ready for bed (he had only napped for half an hour the whole day!) We had a really nice room and had purposely booked the handicap accessible one, in hopes that the bathroom would be big enough to put the pack'n'play in for Keenan to have his own space. It did, and ended up working Much better than in the past when we've tried to have him sleep in the same room as us.

Dinner at Chili's

The hotel offered free popcorn and soft drinks in the evening, and Philip and I had a nice evening, relaxing in the big, comfy bed, and watching part of The Santa Claus, as well as Extreme Makeover Home Edition and an episode of House. It was a nice treat, since we don't have cable at home anymore!

This morning, we had a Delicious breakfast (cereal, bagels, muffins, eggs, french toast, waffles, biscuits, sausage, fruit, etc..) before heading out to see the battleship.

The U.S.S. Alabama

It was a Monster!
The crew consisted of 127 officers and 2,200 enlisted men
It was powered by four massive propellers (each weighing 18 tons) and could reach a top speed of 27.5 knots (51 km/hr for my Canadian readers).
She weighed 35,000 tons empty and with crew and supplies that went up to 44,374 tons.

The three of us before starting the tour

Keenan firing the anti-aircraft guns at the nearby Best Western =)

Philip looking through the sights in one of the 16 inch gun turrets

On one of the many, many sets of stairs we went up/down!

They'll let you climb as high as the 8th level above the main deck.

Keenan and I outside one of the portholes high above the ship

Keenan decided that this little slide in the floor of the turret where spent shell cases slid out must actually be for little boys.
(He is giggling in the picture, not screaming, because he got a little stuck just before popping out.)

Philip coming out of one of that same 5 inch gun turret.
(That little door Keenan slid out can be seen just to the right of his head in this picture).

Keenan and I at the stern of the boat

Me with a whole bunch of powder loads for the 5 inch shells, this was just above one of the engine rooms.

Family picture on deck with one of the 16 inch gun turrets in the background.
(I look soo big here!)

Keenan getting sleepy...

... so he and Philip tried out a couple of the berths!

Keenan and I were not giving Philip enough time to read EVERY little plaque and informational exhibit, so he locked us in the Brig to get some extra time to look around.

Keenan sitting on one of the massive links of the anchor chain

One of my favorites - near the bow of the boat, with the Huge guns behind us

We spent quite a while touring the battleship, and Keenan and I were getting pretty tired from all of the walking and up and down, but we did take a quick tour of the submarine, the U.S.S. Drum, as well...

On top of the sub

Keenan and I through the first hatch

Philip moving through a little faster than we did!

This was a shot through the periscope, over at the battleship

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Jessica said...

What a great trip!! It will be nice to have those memories to look back on as the last trip before tiny arrived! Which, BTW, I cannot wait to find out what tiny is (besides adorable and enormously sweet!). I can't wait to hear the name too!!!
Love you and miss you guys,