Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tick, tick, tick...

Time is ticking!

My huge "before baby" To Do List is nearing completion (it was awesome to cross off "clean oven" yesterday... I love self cleaning ovens!) and Friday will mean only 5 weeks until D Day!

While we would still prefer that he/she come in December instead of January, at this point, I am officially no longer in a hurry for the baby to come. I realize how fast time is actually flying! It feels like just a few days ago we were at the Halloween party, and that was almost a month ago already! I know this baby will be here before we know it. I also still feel Great (I'm soo thankful for that!) the vast majority of the time, so that helps me not be too impatient as well...

There is Plenty going on in the next month to keep me busy and occupied... Thanksgiving, our mini vacation this weekend, four doctor's appointments, a dentist appointment, Keenan's last few speech therapy sessions, my last few weeks of the Moms in Motion class, a wifia party, the Christmas parade, a Christmas party, the last MOPS meeting of the year, finishing our Christmas shopping and getting ready for my mom's visit!

A couple funny things Keenan says:

In his children's Bible story book we read before bed, each page has a question at the end about what was talked about on that page... no matter what the question is, for example: "Why were Joseph's brothers mean to him?", Keenan Always answers, "Jeshus" LOL!

Any time we drive by a construction site and see piles of dirt, Keenan always says, "Mass" (mess). Yesterday, we were on Okaloosa Island, driving along the beach where the road is flanked by sand dunes, and Keenan thought that they too, were a "mass". =)

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