Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sick and Sneezy...

I've been working on a cold the last couple of days and yesterday it got really bad. Keenan has it now too (he was up about 4 times in the night and each time he sounded a little worse). He and I spent the last couple hours of the night on the couch together. We're some pair, coughing and sneezing and blowing our noses... Today we pretty much just stayed home and played and kept "nesting".

I was supposed to have the wifia lunch here today, but had to cancel so we didn't get everyone sick. It sounded like a bunch of the others weren't feeling so great either, so it's just as well that we all stayed home.

It's been the kind of day where Keenan has said "Bass You!" (bless you) about a million times because I've sneezed so much.. =) He also says it when He sneezes.

While I was addressing some envelopes today, he was playing with the stuff from one of the drawers in the kitchen, and when I looked over, he was IN it! =)

I made soup for dinner and Keenan had dumped a bunch of (wrapped) chicken bouillon cubes out on the counter to play with... and he Ate one! Yuck!

This picture represents one of my favorite times of the day... snuggling on the couch by the fire with Philip while we chat before going to bed. =)

And to finish off.. the old gas price update...

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Jen said...

I hope you start feeling better soon... It's no fun to be sick, but even worse when you're pregnant.