Monday, November 3, 2008

Short Monday post

I don't have a whole lot to post about the day today. Here are a couple pictures of Keenan, from the beginning and the end of the day:

One of the highlights of Keenan's day on Monday and Thursday is watching for the garbage truck to come... Here he is, watching the truck, after we sat in the front room for about 15 minutes waiting for it! =)

Another favorite pastime - bathtime!
In the last couple of days, he has just learned how to "be brave and lie back in the water" like this... I think it's adorable with the bubbles all around his face! =)

This afternoon, Keenan hung out with Wendi, Isaac and Scrubs while I went to my Moms in Motion class (for the first time in weeks!) With us being gone or sick, I haven't been able to go in a while, and was afraid that the trainer was going to torture me extra hard today, but it wasn't too bad!

Philip is on his super long shift that starts his two weeks of nights. He started at 7 this morning and will come home sometime after 8 tomorrow morning. We got to see him for a while this evening and take him dinner, but then he got called away... such is life.

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Mom W. said...

Cute bubble boy! Have you looked at Stephen and Tricia's blog lately? You can get there from Andrew's blog, their little girl is so cute...!