Friday, November 7, 2008

Please pray for Frank

I mentioned a little while ago that our neighbor and dear friend, Frank, had surgery to remove a small cancerous tumor and was going to be starting chemo soon for another inoperable spot of cancer.

Myrtle has been keeping me updated and yesterday he went into the hospital in pretty bad shape, and had an angiogram today, which showed that he had serious blockage in a main artery. I think he's having some stents put in his heart in the next couple of days. They have also confirmed that the cancer has spread to at least one other area of his body (I'm not exactly sure where at this point). He can't have surgery for it because of the condition of his heart and they have given him two months to live.

Myrtle sounded completely exhausted and overwhelmed when I talked to her, so please pray for strength for her as she cares for him in the hospital and also when he comes home. Pray that Frank would not be in pain, and that his last days (however long that is), would be able to be spent with his family.

This comes as such sad news to us, as we have gotten really close to and fond of Frank and Myrtle over the past year and a half. They have been like an extra set of grandparents to me and just Love Keenan to pieces.

To give you an idea of how much time we spend with them and how special they are to us, here are a few pictures of Frank with Keenan:

Playing his guitar and singing Keenan a song

Keenan wearing Frank's hat

Helping sweep

Sharing a cookie, maybe?

Counting Keenan's fingers


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news :(

Jessica said...

We are praying for healing! They seem like such precious people. I know you and Keenan love them!! I love them for being so sweet to you guys.
Love, Jessica

Jen said...

I don't know him, but every time I read your posts about Frank and Myrtle it makes me wish I had a "Frank and Myrtle" next door.

I'll be praying for them and hang in there, Joia. I know it's very upsetting news for you too.

Flakymn said...

Oh this is a bummer. Praying for you as well during this time.

Mom E said...

Sooo sad to hear this news about Frank and Myrtle. I agree with Jessica's comments, and am praying for healing too. I also agree with Jen that I wished we had a "Frank and Myrtle" next door to us also.
Love, Mom