Thursday, November 20, 2008

Out for some air

Today was an absolutely gorgeous, warm fall day. It was perfect timing because I had Philip take the car today and Keenan and I Desperately needed to get out of the house and get some exercise. Jodi had stopped by late morning to drop something off, and also brought me some "medicine" (ie. Coke) that was a Huge help during the later, no nap, cranky, part of the day. Thanks, Jodi!

We walked to the park, (where Keenan could play and we wouldn't infect anyone, since we had it all to ourselves!) =)

This just reminds me what a beautiful place we are blessed to live in...

"Man, rock climbing is hard!!"

Coming down the slide

...and the crazy hair that it created =)

Still perfecting this "swinging by myself" thing..

After a nice walk along the water, (during which Keenan didn't get wet even once!) we went out on one of the docks where the water was quite deep and clear, and it was teeming with fish!

If you click on this, you can probably see them better... there were Thousands!

Keenan pushing the stroller by himself (and getting stuck)

I know I shouldn't let him do this, Or laugh about it, Or take pictures... but it's soo funny! =)

Philip had a pretty long, not so fun day at work, so Keenan and I made him a Welcome Home poster to let him know that we sure are glad he comes home to US every night! =)

Keenan colored on it, but it's pretty light and hard to see...

After his bath last night, I used the blow dryer on Keenan's hair (so it wouldn't be damp when we went to pick Philip up), and it made it almost straight!

Look how smooth that little comb over is...

Philip thinks he looks like a different kid!


jodi said...

He does look like a different kid! How funny! Glad you liked your coke!

Anonymous said...

I think he looks like Andrew with his hair like that!! Most times he looks like Phillip.
Hope you're both feeling better soon! Be glad you're not here...we have snow! :(

Mom W. said...

The face is the same, big blue eyes and mischievous look, yep, still Keenan...